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Five Attributes about Ball Screw

Of all the screws used for industrial motion control, ball screws rise to the head of the class, offering several advantages over other options such as roller screws and acme screws. Featuring efficiencies of at least 90%, ball screws are one of the most economical ways of converting rotary motion into precision linear motion.

Inquiry a Ball Screw Sample from Wei Tai Transmission Company

1. Low friction loss and high transmission efficiency.

Since there are many balls between the screw shaft of the ball screw pair and the screw nut for rolling motion, high movement efficiency can be obtained.

Compared with the past sliding screw pair, the driving torque is less than 1/3, that is, the power required to achieve the same motion result is 1/3 of the sliding screw pair.

It is very helpful in saving electricity

2. High precision

Ball screw pairs are generally produced consistently with the world’s highest level of mechanical equipment.

In particular, in terms of the factory environment for grinding, assembling, and inspecting various processes, temperature and humidity are strictly controlled.

Due to the perfect quality management system, the accuracy is fully guaranteed.

3. High-speed feed and micro-feeds possible

Since the ball screw pair uses the ball movement, the starting torque is extremely small, and there is no creep phenomenon such as sliding motion, and accurate micro feed can be ensured.

4. High axial stiffness

The ball screw pair can be pre-loaded.

Since the pre-pressure can make the axial gap reach a negative value, a higher rigidity is obtained.

The inner side of the ball screws are pressurized by the balls.

When actually used for a mechanical device, the rigidity of the screw can be enhanced due to the repulsive force of the balls.

5. Cannot be self-locking, with the reversibility of the transmission

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