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Get your New Upgrade on Micro Automation Design

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

With automation parts began to instead of human, micro motion design increased need in every precision function planning. As Wei Tai Transmission Company developing on Micro Ball Solution SFK series on 0601 and 0801/ 0802/ 082.5, the engineer developer team looking forward on 0606, 0808, 0810 series.

We Tai Transmission Company Micro Ball Screw release news, Elisha Chen

What Micro Ball Screw SFK can use for?

Generally, micro ball screw solution widely used in semiconductor, medical robot and any design needs high speed with accuracy positioning.

What did Wei Tai Transmission over come?

In the market micro ball screw due to its difficult on manufacturing and assembling procedure, only limited and specific company provide such series solution in an un-affordable price.

Wei Tai Transmission company tried over come the situation, create the product in a good quality and price friendly, only by this way could support developers upgrade the machinery environment.

Q: How to?

Well..just inquiry a sample from us.

You would have fully experience on our production.

Factory QA:

  1. ISO 9001

  2. Mitutoyo Quick Vision Pro. inspection (Japan) Precision: 0.0002mm

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